Ticket Giveaway | Carnival Medea


So you think you know about Trinbago culture and traditional Carnival characters? How much do you know about the Pierrot Grenade and the Midnight Robber? Now is the time to put that knowledge to the test!

The Lordstreet Theatre Company will be giving away tickets to the Caribbean Premiere of Carnival Medea: a bacchanal. Live ON AIR, to the  best ‘Pierrot speller’ and the best Midnight Robber.


  1. Tune in to 91.1fm Talk City on Saturday 4th February 2017 at  2pm – 3pm for Culture Talk with hosts Sprangalang and Shortpants. Carnival Medea director – Rhoma Spencer  would be on the air.
  2. During the giveaway segment of the interview, call in  at 622-4911 in and perform a Midnight Robber speech or spell like a Pierrot Grenade would to qualify.
  3. The best Pierrot Grenade speller AND the best Midnight Robber speech as chosen by Rhoma Spencer WINS!

NOTE: Each winner would receive ONE (1) ticket

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