Zidelle Daniel – Costume Designer

ZIDELLE DANIELZidelle Daniel is a proud native of Trinidad and Tobago. A “clothing artist”, she studied art and graphic design in her early career and finally graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design from the University of Trinidad and Tobago.

Under the mentorship and influence of acclaimed Fashion Designer Meiling, Zidelle quickly assumed the title of Costume Designer, working in Carnival, Film and Theatre. She is the Creative Director of the clothing brand XOZ which is a Denim and Basics line inspired by her Kalinago (native) background.

Her work is noted for subtly capturing the essence of her culture while simultaneously presenting a modern and multinational experience, with such projects as; Pan, Our Music Odyssey and the costume titled Poui Blossom (The Lost Tribe). Her analysis of historical reference, period costuming and current environment have been instrumental in deepening her appreciation for the wealth and value in both past and present tradition.

Through a minimalist approach, with focus on texture, colour and shape Zidelle’s work is geared towards defining the elusive Caribbean Aesthetic. She believes she has much to contribute through genuine expression and dedication to processes.

Zidelle Daniel and Shannon Alonzo will undertake the costuming for Carnival Medea under the guidance and mentorship of established Fashion Designer Meiling whom they have worked extensively with in recent years.

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