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lordstreet-formal-logo-2016-whiteIn 1990 Tony Hall and Errol Fabien launched LORDSTREET THEATRE COMPANY [Peoples of the Sea], ‘The Hummers’, with the prize winning jouvay masquerade trilogy, A Band On Drugs (1990), A Band On Violence (1991), A Band On US (1992). The company, whose plays are steeped in the Emancipation Performance Traditions, takes its name from Lord Street, the seedy area in the city of San Fernando, Trinidad, where Tony grew up.

The Michael K. Hall Community School Limited is the umbrella social business organisation and arts education enterprise that supports the activities of all LORDSTREET’s projects, Lordstreet Theatre, Lordstreet Pictures, Vengeance Media, Playwrights Workshop Trinbago and Jouvay Institute. The school started in 1994 as an innovative primary learning centre on the small island of Tobago. The school supports any effort that facilitates creative learning, creative living, anything that allows the natural harmony, freedom and a keen observation of the egoic self.

With Lordstreet Theatre Company, Tony Hall has composed and produced landmark award-winning plays including:

  • ‘Jean and Dinah . . . Speak Their Minds Publicly’ (1994), winner of five Cacique Awards (1994-5) for theatre in Trinidad and Tobago. The play, featuring Rhoma Spencer as Dinah and Penelope Spencer as Jean, was given a citation in 2014 by the President of the Borough of Brooklyn, NYC, for twenty years of touring as a Lordstreet production. In commemoration, Sunday August 17th, 2014 was declared ‘Jean and Dinah’ day in Brooklyn.
  • ‘Twilight Cafe’ opened in Port of Spain with Cecilia Salazar and Wendell Etienne in 2002, also winner of five Cacique Awards (2002-3) for theatre, and was later produced and directed by Rhoma Spencer in Toronto in 2007. ‘The Brand New Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Club’, with lyrics and music by David Rudder, premiered at Crossroads Repertory Theatre, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN. in 2004; and was presented at Queens Hall, Port of Spain for Carnival 2006. ‘Lucky Diamond’ was awarded the Cacique (2006-7) for Most Outstanding Original Music.
  • ‘MISS MILES the Woman of the World’, after a World Premiere featuring Cecilia Salazar as Trinidad & Tobago ‘whistleblower for all seasons’ Ms. Gene Miles at The Little Carib Theatre, Port of Spain, in 2011, it was produced in Hartford, CT. April, 2014 at Trinity College. MISS MILES was also presented as a Carnival Band on the streets of Port of Spain, designed by Peter Minshall, that same year. In 2015 she appeared at The Barack Yard Tent Experience singing the calypso, ‘Ah Born Right Here’, written by Black Stalin for Gene Miles in 1971.
  • For Carnival 2016 Lordstreet hosted, on the streets of Port of Spain, ‘performing MARCUS & AMY’: an award wining mas intervention, the state visit of Pan Africanists Marcus and Amy Garvey to Trinidad & Tobago with Michael Cherrie and Penelope Spencer in the key roles.
  • In September 2016, Lordstreet presented MUD! a ‘ritual of the sunrise’ procession in mud and percussion for THE HOUSE AND THE LIGHTS FESTIVAL to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad, Norway. 

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