Christopher Sheppard | Choreographer


Christopher SheppardChristopher Sheppard is a dancer, choreographer and actor who has been performing from the age of twelve. He has performed with major dance companies throughout Trinidad and Tobago, including the National Dance Company of T&T, Cyril St Lewis, Humming Birds Dance Company, and the Carol La Chapelle Dance Company, as well as the Movements Dance Company of Edmonton, Canada.

As a dancer, Christopher has traveled extensively throughout the region and internationally. Mr. Sheppard’s repertoire includes performances in Carnival Messiah – Trinidad and Leeds, UK, Lincoln Centre NY, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Edmonton, Canada, and Venezuela to name a few. As a choreographer his portfolio is extensive and reflects major choreography for St Lucia’s 25th Independence Anniversary, Movements Dance Company – Edmonton, Canada, Israel Lovell Foundation, Barbados, Mandela Dance Company – Venezuela, Brown Cotton Theatre Company, Boy Boy and The Magic Drum for Machel Montano Productions, La Chapelle Dance Company, World Travel Awards, St Lucia and Best Village productions.

Acting credits include Rawle Gibbons’ trilogy: Ten to one, Sing de chorus and Ah wanna fall, The Roaring Seventies – Canboulay productions; Ti Jean and his brothers, Much Ado about Nothing, and Master Harold and the Boys – Trinidad Theatre Workshop.

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