Tishanna Williams | Carnival Medea


Tishanna WilliamsDescribed as “an amazing young talent with a great role to play in the future development of T&T theatre”, Tishanna is dedicated to making a living from the things that make her happy.

When she decided to leave her Biochemistry degree for one in Theatre, many thought her insane. Today, she lectures at the Drama department of the University of the West Indies and has developed a unique writing style which has landed her the position of contributing writer for the NYC media platform, LargeUp and the Caribbean based LoopTT.

Her prowess as an actress and vocalist who has allowed her to grace stages as far as Europe and in addition to major theatrical roles like Hermia (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Dorothy(The Wiz), Bolom (Ti Jean and His Brothers) and Justina (Bitter Cassava), she was also cast in the internationally acclaimed, multi-awarded film, ‘God Loves the Fighter’.

Tishanna strives to use the arts to bridge the sócio-cultural gaps between the generations. For the past eight years she has been part of the premiere art education company in the Caribbean, Arts-in-Action working on various government and UN campaigns dealing with volatile topics such as abuse and gang violence both locally and regionally.

Tishanna recently became a teaching artist for the US based Girl Be Heard group which gives voice to young women via socially conscious theatre-making. She will be shooting her first series, ‘CHEE$E’ with the Blue Cinamon Gp out of Los Angeles in 2017.

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