Penelope Spencer | Carnival Medea


pennie_headerOriginally a San Fernando girl ‘Pennie’ as she’s fondly called came to Port Of Spain on a dance audition and never looked back. The mother of one son has been involved in theatre for the last 30 something years.

Penelope is the co producer of HAHAHA productions with Nikki Crosby. She’s a writer, Director, Teacher, Producer and Casting Agent; casting for movies such as Bazodee, Grown Girls Getaway, God Loves the Fighter and Home Again.

She has appeared in plays such as Jean and Dinah, Moon Over a Rainbow Shawl, Mary Can Dance, Owl and the Pussy Cat, Norman is that you, Man Cyar Take Horn and most recently Best little Whore House in Guapo, to name a few. She has written and directed shows such as Think like a Lady; Act like a Hoe, Hott Mouth Granny, Mid Life Crosby, 50 Shades of Gravey, XXXposed and many children productions with Carvalho Productions, Newtown Girls’ R.C School, St. Andrews Prep and Necessary Arts Productions.

She currently teaches Drama, Storytelling and Creative Writing at Newtown Girls’ R.C School  and runs a three month theatre course at Necessary Arts once a year. Pennie is a Spiritual being who loves life and living.

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