Michael Mortley | Carnival Medea


Photo credit: Jerome McClean Photography

Michael Mortley; a current holder of a BFA in Dance from the University of Trinidad and Tobago, began dancing at the age of 14 years at his Secondary School which he represented at various competitions including the Secondary School’s Dance Festival. His teacher, seeing his potential, introduced him to la Dance Caribe where he began taking classes in Folk, Limbo, Ballet and Modern.

While dancing with this company he was discovered by Gregor Breedy who then asked him to join Andre Ettienne where he was teaching so he could focus on Michael as a dancer. Michael has been performing with the both companies ever since and has also done work with Astor Johnston Reptouary Dance Theater, Megan Navarro’s  M. Dance Collective, ElleNYTT and in 2015 was awarded a scholarship by the Dai Ailian Foundation to study at the Beijing Dance Academy in China.

Michael has his eyes on dancing and choreographing and also wants to see how the worlds culture affects the way a body of people move.

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