Marie Chan-Durity | Carnival Medea

marie-chan-durityMarie Chan- Durity has dabbled in various aspects of the performing arts on and off for the past 30 years. During her performance career she has shared the stage with such past notable greats as Errol Jones, Stanley Marshall, Clyde Reid and the late Davindra Dookie, among others.
In addition to working extensively under the directorship of Raymond Choo Kong, she has worked on stage with directors such as Davindra Dookie on “The Devils” & others; Errol Seetahal “A Brighter Sun”, “Miss Julie” & others; Tony Hall “Sangre Grande by Two”; Bernard Hazel “Waves of Hope” & others; Ricardo Nanton “Theatro” & others; Helmer Hilwig “Miracle at Stollmeyer’s Castle” & others; and the late Geraldine Conner “Carnival Messiah”.