Mari Emilia Pitkänen | Carnival Medea


Mari Pitkänen-Carnival Medea-2017Mari Emilia Pitkänen is a second year BA acting student in the Norwegian Theatre Academy and is presently in Trinidad and Tobago as an Artist in Residence with Lordstreet Theatre Company.

She was born in 1988, and grew up in a village in Western Finland. At a young age she started a dance practice that eventually led to acting and performance arts studies in Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts in 2012, with emphasis on acting, directing, drama instruction and participatory theatre in communities. Her thesis focuses on researching values in artistic practice and in different approaches to structuring social artistic space.

She is a ground member of the theatre group Vaara – esittävän taiteen kollektiivi that operates in Northern Finland. The artistic actions of Vaara resonate in political, environmental, activism and social spheres. Since 2008 she has hosted Pikku Kakkonen, the most famous Finnish television program for children. She has taken part in various productions as well as taught theatre and drama to a many groups in addition to producing events. At the moment, in her acting studies, she researches the human basis of art making (and life), that focuses on awareness, listening and dialogue between collaborators and audiences.

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