Carnival Medea Premieres at The Little Carib Theatre

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Break The Proscenium

Lordstreet Theatre Company and Little Carib Theatre  will present the Caribbean Premiere of Carnival Medea: A Bacchanal in time for the T&T Carnival 2017. The play, written by Dr. Shirlene Holmes of Georgia State University and T&T’s own Rhoma Spencer, re-tells the classic Greek tragedy of Medea, whose husband casts her aside for a younger woman, and how she takes revenge for the infidelity. The work is re-imagined in a Trinbagonian setting, with the actors bringing to life such Traditional Masquerade characters as the Baby Doll, Pierrot Grenade, Dame Lorraine, Midnight Robber and Batonye.

In Carnival Medea, the Grenadian Medea, a baby doll, flees Carriacou with Jason, a Tobagonian stick fighter to live in Trinidad. After some years of marriage, he forsakes her to marry a younger woman. Distraught, she is determined to wreak havoc on the new bride and spite Jason where it hurts the most, by denying him…

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